Live Barn is Live!

LiveBarn provides online broadcasts of amateur and youth hockey using a proprietary multi-camera tracking system which automatically follows the flow of the game.   You can watch Live and On Demand, any time, anywhere via any mobile device, tablet or computer with HD quality video and sound.

Click here to watch a clip of how LiveBarn works!

We wanted to be able to offer this for anyone, grandparents, parents, siblings, etc who can’t physically attend a game or practice here at Flemington Ice Arena.  You can watch Live or you can use the On Demand feature and watch previous action from the past so now you’ll never have to worry about not being able to catch a game in person. Coaches can review games On Demand for training purposes.  Subscribers can share video highlights via email and social media.

LiveBarn broadcasts from hockey venues across North America – click here to see a map of all Live & Coming Soon venues.  More venues should be coming to our area soon.

Players can compile their own highlight reels and I can take a compilation of footage and send it to Live Barn to enter for their Plays of the Week nomination, which they then broadcast across North America and on their website.  We would then be able to publish it on our sites and social media outlets as well.  So players can use this to have fun with their own highlights and/or to watch game film.

Click here to watch the Top 10 Plays of 2016!

LiveBarn members pay $14.95/month to watch unlimited action from any LiveBarn venue.  Use the Flemington Ice Arena Promo code: ca59-a152 for a 10% discount off subscription rates.  As a separate promotion, when we get to 50 registrations, we will have a random drawing and one of those first 50 registrants will receive a 3 month free subscription.


  1.  Create a LiveBarn account using the Promo code: ca59-a152
  2. Search for Flemington.
  3. Select Live to begin watching Live action or On Demand for past games or to share/download clips.
  4.  For On Demand, select date and time.
  • TO SHARE: Pause video at time you would like 30-second clip to STOP, select social media, share provided link (standard accounts)
  • TO DOWNLOAD: Pause video, select download, press both download buttons and 30-minute video will download to your computer then click the forward button for the next 30 minute segment (premium accounts)

Don’t forget to submit your highlights for a chance to be featured on our Plays of the Week videos!